........  luxury self-catered apartment in the heart of Zermatt

Zermatt nestles at the head of a steep, narrow and very scenic valley that runs southwards from the town of Visp in the Valais area of Switzerland.

The Matterhorn massif straddles the Swiss/Italian border, with Zermatt on the north-facing Swiss side and Cervinia to the south in Italy.

It is not possible to drive all the way to Zermatt - which is car-free.  The nearest you can get by car is to the village of Täsch, about 5km lower down the valley.  From there, you must use the regular train shuttle service, which takes only about 10 minutes to complete the journey to Zermatt station.

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When you arrive at the main station in Zermatt, you are only about 600m from Haus Roc.  An easy stroll if you are luggage-free, but if you do have luggage you may wish to take one of the little electric taxis that are always available outside the station building.

The exact address of the building is:
Haus Roc
Wiestistrasse 172
3920 Zermatt
On the detailed street map of Zermatt, Haus Roc identification number is "811".

The image (right) is taken from the tourist office's map, a full and detailed copy (in PDF format) of which can be viewed by clicking below.
Getting there:
By Train:

This is Switzerland, so if you can travel by train, it's usually best to do so. It's impossible to get to Zermatt without using the train, at least for the last few kilometers, so you may as well leave the car at home.

Visp, down in the Rhone valley, is on the main railway line with regular connections from Geneva Airport (2 hours) and all parts of Switzerland.

From Visp you can catch the Matterhorn-Gotthard train which will take you the 40 km up the winding valley all the way to Zermatt's main railway station, right in the centre of town.

Swiss Railways have a very good website for finding train times and connections:  http://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html
By Car:

There are two strategies for getting to Zermatt by car, the "quick" way and the "easy" way.

The "easy" way is to drive to Visp and leave your car at the large car park by the railway station. From there you can catch the train all the way up the valley direct to Zermatt.

If you don't mind a bit of mountain road driving, the "quick" way is to drive up the valley to the brand new Matterhorn Terminal at Täsch.

There you can leave your car in the pristine multi-storey car park and catch the regular shuttle train for the last 5 km to Zermatt.  Free trolleys are available for your luggage.

To Zermatt From:

Täsch                5 km

Visp                 40 km

Sierre               60 km

Lausanne        180 km

Geneva           230 km      

Bern               130 km

Zurich             220 km
From Haus Roc to:

Sunnegga Express Funicular           250 meters

Gornergrat Railway Station            500 meters

Zermat Main Railway Station          600 meters

Central shopping area                   400 - 600 meters